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What is ResellerJoinup?

ResellerJoinup is the official affiliate program of SoftwareSuggest where we are giving the opportunity to earn some serious money by referring people to Software Companies, on a revenue sharing basis.

Sell from a range of software category & multiple software in each category

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Software requirement of each companies varies from that of the other, even if the two companies are in the same business domain, COMPANY A may find SOFTWARE X fitting its requirement but the same software might not fit the requirement of COMPANY B. Our team at ResellerJoinup works with 500+ companies spread over 50+ domain and will help you meet the exact requirements of your clients and offer them the right price.
As your clients is not in the business of Software review, they might end up paying higher for their requirements. As our team has indepth software knowledge, you will be able to help your clients select the right software within their budget and thus ensure a long term relation with them.
The amount of revenue generated per qualified lead depends on the software and the size of the potential software buyer. We give out commission as a percentage of revenue amount, and thus partner payouts will increase as the monthly revenue increases.
Your commission will be paid within 7 days after the payment from client is received. It will be paid as per your preferred mode of payment-Cheques/Cash/Bank Transfer.
You can sell any of the below software: HRMS, CMS, Accounting, Ecommerce, Hospital management software, School management software, Hotel management software, ERP, Real estate & construction management software, retailing & POS. Also, you can sell multiple software in each category.
You can approach anyone business in India or the world who is in need of software. It can be any education institute, hotels, pharma company, retailing business, hospitals etc.
Affiliate marketing provides an opportunity for anyone to make money in an easy way without any upfront investment. The B2B affiliate marketer caters to a niche business audience with products (software products) that are useful for business. B2B affiliate program are top paying as these products or services offers the highest commissions as an easy way to make money on-line.

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